Thank you !

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Thank you all for your patience and understanding while I make the transition from one website host to another. The journey in creating a new site can be tense and a bit painful at times.

So I decided 2 weeks ago to leave my past website host due to the lack of stability within their organization which was spilling over to their website customers. I was without the ability to manage my site for 2 days, then I could not reach any product pages. When I sought the help from the webhost there was none.

The past host got rid of “Customer Service”. What? how stupid!!!! I could not get in touch with anyone for 4 days!!!!!  So now I’m mad, I got steam coming out of my ears and I’m turning into a Kaleidoscope. This is when I left the other company and came to this website host. I had to find out that after moving to this host, it is just one step above poor service. But, at least they do have customer service. So what if I had to call 5 times in one day to solve one issue, at least I could talk to someone.

Well, I made it and now I am happy.

Hope to see you all next week when I start posting on a regular basis.


To Your Success for the rest of 2017!!!!