Class B-Personal Care Agency Manual

Non-Medical Policy & Procedure ManualThis Class B-Personal Care Agency manual has everything a non-medical agency needs for survey. I have added more information for those agencies located in states where you will be surveyed for IHSS &HCBS also. This Manual is acceptable for survey.
The manual is in Word format so you can insert your agency’s name where indicated. $300.00 Just purchase, download, and edit. Each page will tell you where to place your agency’s name or initials.

If you are starting a homecare agency from scratch, then you will need a manual to guide you, direct your team and most of all help you pass survey and grow your agency. Our Personal Care Policy & Procedure Manuals are not state specific. The manual is created based on Standards, Rules and Regulations which reflect the Best Practices of all states/countries and can be used by any non-medical agency. The policies can be easily edited by tweaking, deleting or adding new policies to conform and comply with your state’s specific licensing requirements.

Each manual has policies on Orientation plan, application form, Home Visit policies, Infection Control, HIPAA, Job Descriptions, Personal Care Worker Competency checklist, Personnel Evaluation form, Client care plan, and more. Each section or topic has their own separate Word doc chapter, and Chapter Divider.

The Class B Manual with IHSS for Colorado $300.00

Without IHSS is $200.00

Now, with all this information shouldn’t you go ahead and take the next step? just click the Buy Now button and purchase this manual. Tip: Use separate notebook binders for each manual.

100 % Money Back Guaranteed ! If you have done what you need to change to make the P&P manual your company’s manual.

  This is for the Personal Care Manual $200.00

Colorado Personal Care Manual/HCBS/IHSS

This button is for Colorado Agencies or other agencies needing IHSS with Class B Manual. $300.00