Home Healthcare Consultant-Sharron

Home Healthcare Consultant- Sharron and the 4 Most Important Things To Know About her

Sharron Williams, Consultant

1. Experienced Bachelor Degree Nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant, and Dementia Care Instructor
Sharron has spent 32 years working as a nurse in the hospital, rehabilitation facility, Case Manager for a skilled nursing facility, and 17 years in home health with 5 of those years as the Director of Clinical Services. Sharron is a Legal Nurse Consultant, and Dementia Care Instructor, once certified as a Dementia care Practitioner/Instructor from the National Council of Dementia Care Practitioners. Sharron is a facilitator for FEMA training courses as well.
2. Seasoned Business Woman and Entrepreneur
Sharron has owned several successful businesses she started from scratch with her husband, George. She was the owner of a giftbasket store, co-founder of a senior transportation company, and now as a consultant and home healthcare advisor. Sharron has helped administrators, and owners of home health agencies, start, grow, or maintain their agencies. She also teaches on dementia care issues at St. Joseph Hospital, Denver, CO.
Sharron is a Desktop Publisher (graphic designer) and helps businesses design and create marketing materials.
3. Civic Leader
Sharron is a Commissioner with the Denver Commission on Aging, and was selected by the Governor of Colorado to be on the Colorado Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging.
4. Wife, Mother, Commissioner and Retired Military
Happily married to George D. Williams for 32 years, and the proud mother of one  adult son with autism. She is a voracious reader of books on Business Leadership, Emergency Preparedness, Management, Marketing, Law of Attraction and spirituality. She is a music lover, and crafter when she finds the time.

You can contact Sharron at (303) 307-1604 office or by cellphone (720) 394-4668 or email her at Optimalhealthcaresolutions@hotmail.com for more information on how she can help you start, or grow your home health care agency. She is also available for PCW or CNA Competencies.