Bootstrap Marketing For Healthcare Professionals

Bootstrap Marketing for Healthcare and Wellness Entrepreneurs will tell you what you need to know about various marketing strategies and provide you with practical marketing methods to help you create a realistic marketing plan. The simple book isn’t filled with get-rich quick schemes, or techniques that will send flood of customers to you over night. What happens next after you purchase this eBook will be up to you!

When cash flow is tight and times are tough, one of the first things people do is look for ways to cut the marketing budget. People typically cut marketing budgets for one simple reason – they don’t have the money to spend. 
If you are intimidated by lack of marketing knowledge, this book will make marketing a breeze! Start with marketing strategies that are free to low cost marketing methods that are very effective to grow your agency.

Learn how to create a Marketing Plan, calendar and Program that bring in the clients!!!! Know how to reach your Targeted Market.What Does The Book Include?
– 56 pages (PDF) of over 30 marketing techniques to get you started with information on how to market your business. Great for people just starting out or testing the waters.(Instant download — requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).
– Online and Offline Marketing Strategy checklist
-Blank calendar to plan your marketing strategies
In this Simple Easy to Read Book You will Learn:
Important Marketing Tips for Gaining New Clients
• Essential Strategies that are effective and Inexpensive
• Advantages and disadvantages of some marketing methods used to increase exposure.
• Tips for creating a marketing calendar
• An amazing Quick Marketing Reference List for offline and online marketing
• Bonus section for getting noticed by the Search Engines
• It’s not what you know that will help you grow, but what you learn!
• How to maximize your time and energy for greater outcomes
• Valuable marketing methods to prevent useless wasted hours, and days chasing down potential clients.