IHSS-In Home Support Service Manual/Handbook

IHSS Manual

IHSS-In Home Support Service Manual/Handbook

IHSS-In Home Support Service Manual/Handbook covers how the IHSS program is to be established. IHSS is a Medicaid waiver program, and the IHSS services are authorized by case managers at each county who determines who is eligible to receive IHSS. The consumer (also called recipient or client) chooses the care provider (attendant), supervises the provider’s work, defines how tasks will be done, and can fire the provider if the consumer wishes. The IHSS consumer signs the care provider’s timesheet.  In Colorado the Agency Must be certified as a IHSS agency.
The Medicaid Waiver In-Home Supportive Services program (IHSS) allows elderly, blind or disabled people to select and hire someone to help them with their housework, meal preparation, and personal care. This programs allows them to remain safely in their own home and receive care without moving into a long- term care facility or institution.

You will need to have a licensed medical professional on staff, who at minimum is a Registered Nurse, prior to accepting IHSS participants.
♦Your RN will conduct and oversee IHSS participant assessments, review 90- day visits (on-site supervision may not be required every 90 days provided the participant has requested less frequent oversight and there is documentation of this request), and train/oversee care coordinators as well
as attendants in the performance of IHSS-level tasks to prior to beginning services.

IHSS handbook Contents include:

Request for Services (Referral)
Client Contract
Agency Disclosure Notice
Admission Contract
Notice of Consume Rights
Notice of Privacy Practice
Complaint or Grievance Procedures
Release of Liability
Work Schedule Notice
Advance Directives
Medications & Medical History
Emergency Procedures
Plan of Care
Supervisory visits

This 144 page manual/handbook is good for anyone wanting to add IHSS to their service. You can be either Class A or B. This is a manual/handbook that has polices and procedures for IHSS. $100.00