Testimonials from Attendees

Testimonials from Attendees

Testimonials from Attendees “ Having Sharron Williams was truly a great choice!  She is thorough and engaging in her teaching both our pre-med and pre-nursing volunteers. She is extremely detailed oriented and present nothing but the newest updates in the care of Dementia/ Alzheimer patients; I recommend her class to everyone needed more than just the basic level.” Mary Florence Cox  Saint Joseph Hospital Denver, Colorado
“I always learn something at every class. This class was no exception. Great job!!!- DP
“Very interesting and informational. A day well spent to help me with my job and responsibilities.”-RJ
“Sharron was very personable and interesting information. I had fun for a long day of training.”-CD
“I’ll be back!”-KM

“Thank you for your manual, tips, and training. I passed survey with no problems.”- SW

“We had one minor complaint from surveyors, we could have prevented if we had listen to Sharron.”.- AW

“My administrator and I had a great time! We didn’t expect the lunch.”-RR

” What I liked the most about Sharron’s training session, was that detailed information, and the ability to ask questions without being embarrassed”.-Carly

“The Emergency Preparedness Training session was great! The surveyors were thrilled with the information I provided during the training session. The EPP notebook was exactly what they wanted, and I passed survey.”

“I got in trouble when I bought an Emergency Preparedness Plan Notebook form a large, National home health consulting company. They offered me no support. I had to have Sharron to get me out of the mess I was in.”-O Y

The above comments are from various home health and home care agencies who have attended previous training sessions. The agencies names and attendees names are kept confidential to prevent others from calling and contacting them. At the end of each session attendees to my training sessions have the opportunity to evaluate the training session. The above comments are real and not made up.